May 24, 1943 ~ July 17, 2020

Leonard Harold Parkin born May 24, 1943 in Calgary, AB passed away peacefully, surrounded by loved ones on July 17, 2020 in St Albert, AB.

An accomplished teacher, consultant and counsellor, he expertly understood people and worked passionately to empower others. Through his work and guiding principles, he profoundly bettered the world around him, choosing a life of connection and caring. He was positive, confident, genuine, accepting, and supportive to all. Those who were guided by his wisdom can attest to his ability to effect change in the world, and challenge anyone else to do the same, one step at a time.

He is predeceased by: his parents Grace (nee Currie) and Harold Parkin; Josephine (nee Chamberlain), daughter Lisbeth; Louise (nee Kennedy), and daughter Michaela.

He is survived by: his children, Brennen (Christina); and Renae (Trevor), grandchildren Wynter, Esmae, Maeve; wife Corinne Helliker, her children; Elissa (Shaun), grandchildren Zoe, Joshua; and Ryland (Shannon); dearest friend Coralie (Philippe), Pierre and Justine; and loving family worldwide.

For Len, family was everywhere; not only rooted all across Canada but in the friendships he highly valued and relationships curated. To all those close to Len, who journeyed alongside him from youth to university through retirement, who filled his head and heart with friendship, love, ideas, and connection: Thank you.

Len’s avid appreciation for music and life’s natural beauty allows us to continue to share special moments with him even after his passing; quiet reflections outdoors, the majesty of the mountains, and especially through melody. Lovingly remembered, never forgotten. May his final words always bring serenity and warmth, guiding you to connect meaningfully with others; after all, “It’s all about love”.